Food license Consultant in Delhi

Food Business Operators in India are expected to get an FSSAI license given for their premises on the basis of the kind of operations they carry out. We direct our clients through the whole cycle of securing a License or Registry. The FSSAI Registry assures the health of food items and is effectively a consumer protection certificate issued by the Food Authority in India. All suppliers, retailers, hotels, retail stores, importers and exporters, etc. are eligible for the FSSAI License. FSSAI Licensing ensures that food goods undergo stringent quality tests, thus reducing the occurrence of adulteration of non-standard goods. You are Highly impressed with the quality of service. We provide great working environment and various exposure in indirect taxation, bank audits, stock audits, statutory audit, etc. Approach us for better results. Get a certificate at an effective cost.For more details,contact us.

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